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DLT is the acronym for Distributed Ledger Technologies. This type of technologies, where blockchain is included, are characterized by the lack of a central authority. In fact, they are databases where the whole set of users are in charge of validating all the information. These users or nodes need to reach a consensus every time […]

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Lightning Network

Lightning Network is a P2P network which works as a second layer for Bitcoin. This network proposes that the blockchain registration should only serve to manage bidirectional payment channels. The transactions from these payment channels should register outside of the blockchain. Therefore, the network could increase the scalability without any damage over the decentralization or […]

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Holding is a trading strategy which consists on maintaining your portfolio over time despite of any loss in the short term. The theory behind is that the more years you hold, the better performance you get. This strategy is quite common in cryptocurrencies investment, due to the high volatility of these assets.

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