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The FED is the colloquial form of Federal Reserve System and it represents the central bank of the United States. Therefore, it is equivalent to the European Central Bank (ECB) in the European Union. Its primary role is to determine and implement the country’s monetary policy to get a long-term inflation around 2%.

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The hash function is a mathematical algorithm based on cryptography. This algorithm transforms any given block of a random data into a series of characters with a fixed length. Independently of the length in the entry data, the length of the output data will be always the same. This function works in Blockchain as part […]

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A node is every single computer where an updated and complete copy of the DLT network can be stored. Nodes are in charge of the validation of new transactions. When the nodes validate a new transaction, this is added to the network, and the nodes receive a copy of the updated network. This way, the […]

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