The 6 biggest hacks in the cryptocurrencies history

Since their inception, there has been much talk about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies. It is an asset with a very recent technological foundation and still in development. Moreover, the regulation surrounding these assets is not yet clearly defined. This, combined with the significant appreciation in recent years and the speculation surrounding this industry, […]

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Complete Guide to Polkadot and DOT Token: How do they work?

Overview One of the aspects in the blockchain ecosystem that has been less addressed is interoperability between networks. So far, we have analyzed networks that, even if they included Smart Contracts or DApps, operated in isolation, meaning they had no relationship with each other. However, there are some pioneering projects whose main goal is to […]

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Complete Guide to Litecoin and LTC Token: How do they work?

Overview Today, we will discuss a project that was born in 2011, not to compete with Bitcoin but to complement it. We are talking about Litecoin, the recognized heir to Bitcoin that aims to address the issues attributed to it. The similarity between both cryptocurrencies is such that Litecoin was born as a fork of […]

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Complete guide to Cardano and ADA: How do they work?

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about Cardano and the cryptocurrency it operates on, which is ADA. Cardano is considered by its founders as the first third-generation blockchain. Bitcoin would be the best representative of the first generation, as it is limited to allowing simple transactions. With the introduction of Smart Contracts, Ethereum took […]

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Complete Guide to Ethereum and ETH: How do they Work?

Can you imagine a world where all applications are supported by the same technology? And what if that technology allowed for quick and secure payments to any part of the world? That would be fantastic, right? In the case that this technology wasn’t directed by any entity or government but was 100% decentralized, it would […]

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bitcoin vs tarjetas

Bitcoin vs. credit cards: Battle for micropayments.

Introduction In previous articles, we have already discussed, in broad terms, how the underlying technology of Bitcoin works. However, this technology was designed with very specific goals in mind. Bitcoin aspired to be the currency of the people, a fast, reliable, and efficient means of payment. Currently, its success is largely due to its appreciation […]

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Top 6 Sectors most benefited by cryptocurrencies

Since their launch, supporters of cryptocurrencies have debated their use as an investment versus their potential as a means of payment. Recently, in fact, they have been discussed as the new safe-haven asset for investors, a position historically occupied by gold. Despite this, some authorities have already warned investors about the multiple risks of these […]

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How does the money laundering change with cryptocurrencies?

Since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2008, we have witnessed a growing association between the cryptocurrencies and the money laundering. This has caused part of mistrust from the governments, as well as caution from potential users. However, this kind of activities were alive long before the cryptocurrencies. That is the reason why it is so […]

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bitcoin, ether, ripple

Failure or success? 14 years with cryptocurrencies

Introduction At the end of 2008 Bitcoin was presented through its whitepaper as the first cryptocurrency in the world. The absence of any central authority in its design meant that Bitcoin became known as the “cryptocurrency of the people”. The goal was to allow transactions in a fast, cheap and easy system thanks to the […]

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Public money and private money, can they coexist?

Introduction We have already talked about the influence of blockchain technology in the financial authorities all over the world. Several of the main Central Banks are discussing the possibility of issuing their own digital currency. These currencies, which are known as CBDC, would allow to increase the level of digitization of the economy. They would […]

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bitcoin China

How do the different countries react to cryptocurrencies?

It has been recently published the decision by the Central Bank of China of forbidding all the activities related with the cryptocurrencies. This decision affects not only the common transactions, but also the mining services and other activities. China has been fighting against these assets almost since their conception, but this time the ban was […]

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History, present and future of the cryptocurrencies

More than 14 years ago, Bitcoin made its first public appearance in the financial system. Since then, we have observed a lot of changes in the world of cryptocurrencies. There is still an ongoing discussion about the success or failure of these assets. However, in this post we will avoid this discussion to see how […]

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