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bitcoin vs tarjetas

Bitcoin vs. credit cards: Battle for micropayments.

Introduction In previous articles, we have already discussed, in broad terms, how the underlying technology of Bitcoin works. However, this technology was designed with very specific goals in mind. Bitcoin aspired to be the currency of the people, a fast, reliable, and efficient means of payment. Currently, its success is largely due to its appreciation […]

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Public money and private money, can they coexist?

Introduction We have already talked about the influence of blockchain technology in the financial authorities all over the world. Several of the main Central Banks are discussing the possibility of issuing their own digital currency. These currencies, which are known as CBDC, would allow to increase the level of digitization of the economy. They would […]

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euro vs bitcoin

The cryptocurrencies as payment methods challenge the CBDC

We have seen how the industry of payment methods has transformed itself since the cryptocurrencies landed. Both private and public companies have been looking for adaptation to this new environment and the new consumer trends. The digitization of the society and the clearly decreasing use of cash has become a perfect storm for the cryptocurrencies. […]

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