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The FED is the colloquial form of Federal Reserve System and it represents the central bank of the United States. Therefore, it is equivalent to the European Central Bank (ECB) in the European Union. Its primary role is to determine and implement the country’s monetary policy to get a long-term inflation around 2%.

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DeFi is the acronym for Decentralized Finance. We consider DeFi as any financial ecosystem built under the blockchain technology. In this kind of ecosystems, the users buy and sell product and financial services without any intermediaries.

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Proof of Stake

The algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS) chooses the nodes who has a bigger “stake” of the cryptocurrency. This means that the higher the stake, the better. The algorithm is efficient because it does not require a great computational capacity. Additionally, the malicious behaviors are not likely, because they punish the nodes with higher participation, which […]

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