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Tax haven

A tax haven is a place where taxes are very low or even non-existent. Tax havens are not illegal, but they are not ethically well-regarded. Their main objective is usually to attract foreign capital. In fact, these countries are often the destination of criminal activities such as money laundering. As a result, many countries take […]

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Proof of Stake

The algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS) chooses the nodes who has a bigger “stake” of the cryptocurrency. This means that the higher the stake, the better. The algorithm is efficient because it does not require a great computational capacity. Additionally, the malicious behaviors are not likely, because they punish the nodes with higher participation, which […]

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A blockchain is a technology based on a distributed ledger shared among the nodes of a computer network. It is designed as an immutable chain of blocks of transactions, which are traceable to the origin. Additionally, it guarantees the fidelity and security of all the transactions recorded and generates trust a trusted third party.

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