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DLT is the acronym for Distributed Ledger Technologies. This type of technologies, where blockchain is included, are characterized by the lack of a central authority. In fact, they are databases where the whole set of users are in charge of validating all the information. These users or nodes need to reach a consensus every time […]

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Proof of Stake

The algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS) chooses the nodes who has a bigger “stake” of the cryptocurrency. This means that the higher the stake, the better. The algorithm is efficient because it does not require a great computational capacity. Additionally, the malicious behaviors are not likely, because they punish the nodes with higher participation, which […]

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A wallet of cryptocurrencies is a device (physical or virtual) where we can store the keys to access the account. Therefore, the keys are mandatory to trade with these funds. If the keys are lost, the funds become useless, so having a safe wallet is very important.

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