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Deep Web

The Deep Web includes the entire Internet network content that is not accessible through conventional search engines such as Google. This means up to 90% of all Internet content. Among other things, it includes, among others, protected websites, emails, and temporary websites. It is not the same as the Dark Web, but the former includes […]

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Sharding is the process to divide a database into several pieces or shards to decrease the work load. This way, each shard manages just a small piece of information. In blockchain, sharding is used to increase the number of transactions per minute. This improves the scalability of the network.

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The traceability is the set of procedures to track the path of any object. In the cryptocurrencies environment, the traceability allows to track any transaction through its blockchain to its origin. This is a very important property because it gives coherence to the network. If a exchange would not have traceability, it would be impossible […]

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